Ladder Rewards Chart!

Ladder rewards chartI have mentioned before that there is a fine line between reward and bribery when it comes to our children and even the best of us at times confuse the two.  Reward is for when the child independently chooses the correct action whereas bribery is encouraging the child to do the right thing with incentive.

We all bribe at one point or another and in my house it is usually at meal times however, I am trying to make an effort to minimise the bribery and focus on reward.  Traditional rewards charts are a great way to encourage better behavior and initiative but for me, I wanted my children to focus on certain things that I consider being important for them so I tweaked the traditional version and came up with one to share with you all!

Attached is my ‘Ladder Rewards Chart’ that focuses on basic yet important skills such as manners, sharing and listening and provides a visual stimulus and interaction for your children.  Each ladder focuses on one of six skills and encourages movement up the ladder working toward a reward of your choice.  It uses words as well as pictures to illustrate each skill and can be used over and over again in a continuous cycle.

We having been ‘testing’ this chart before releasing it to the public and I am having great success with Maggie’s listening skills.  I have also learned that she is a great helper, something I was taking for granted.  When it comes to rewards, I try to stay true to the chart.  For example, if she does great helping, I ask her what she would like me to help her with as a reward; if she eats well, we do baking and so on.

I do hope you enjoy this chart and see some great results in your children.

Enjoy, xx

Ladder Rewards Chart

Ladder Rewards Chart Instructions

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